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SIS Integration with PowerCampus

Question asked by bg0047907 on Oct 11, 2016

Good evening all -

My name is Brian Gall and I am the Manager of Educational Technology at Alvernia University.  We are using Blackboard Learn 9.1 (October 2014) and PowerCampus (Ellucian) as our SIS integration.  Our previous network administrator wrote SQL queries to pull flat files out of PowerCampus that had courses, instructors, students, adds and drops. This ran every night at midnight as part of a scheduled task to pull all this data out of PC and pull into Blackboard.


The students, adds and drops stopped working, but the courses and instructors are working.  The only thing that changed was a password had expired (hard coded into the SQL queries) and once that was resolved the imports stopped working.


I am attaching the batch files that are run along with several of the queries that are done in SQL to give you a better idea of how it operates. 

Courses brings courses over; Instructors brings instructors over; Students brings users in; Enrollments brings in course adds; Drops brings in course drops (disables access in a course)


Any help would be appreciated.