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Allowing for multiple correct test answers

Question asked by on Oct 11, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2016 by emunoz

Hoping to solicit some suggestions as I'm stumped.


Instructor has a test with two opinion-type questions, worth 5 points each. As there is no actual correct answer, regardless of which choice is selected (A, B, C or D), the student should receive the full 5 points.


We've tried both Multiple Answer but found the student must choose ALL answers to

receive the 5 points. If they only choose one of the answers, the system marks them as incorrect. I suggested quadrupling the point value to 20 and allowing for partial credit, but she is concerned students will select more than one answer and therefore receive too many points.


We also tried an Opinion Scale/Likert Question, but it requires one answer must be designated as correct.


We considered a survey, but Blackboard records all survey submissions as anonymous and she wants the student to receive credit if they submit it.


We also considered Fill in the Blank questions, but the answer choices are several sentences long.


Is anyone aware of a method in Blackboard that allows for multiple correct test answers?