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Linking to SCORM content...

Question asked by david.bull on Oct 11, 2016

Hello Everyone,


I've uploaded a SCORM package to an organisation, it works fine, records everything it needs to...


But now I've been asked to give our lecturers a link to the package so they can embed it into their own courses.


I seem to have done this, using the Blank Page option on the menu and embedding an iframe using the URL that the SCORM package opens up to.


It works for me but when other lecturers try it they get an "Oops something went wrong" message.


Is there a way to link to a SCORM package or would it just be better to tell everyone to go to the place where it is located instead?


Those above me want it embedded/linked directly into modules but i'm beginning to think it may not be possible?


Any suggestion? advice? solutions? anything? all comments welcome