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Anyone on SaaS Classic with 2016 theme and experianced issues? Monthly testing plans?

Question asked by sh0043914 on Oct 6, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2017 by sh0043914

We found several issues with 2016 theme, I think everyone has found most of them because they also show up inside other releases (Q2 2016). Most are know bug issues, but some are new bugs.

  • DB date restriction makes it so instructor's can't view the DB forums (just like students)
  • Announcements, course menu, content items and grade center columns drag/drop reorder does not function
  • VTBE - Essay/Short answer test questions jumps
  • BB Collaborate scheduling issue, can't view the top name, date/time, etc settings to set up a scheduled collaborate session. However, can just open one up.
  • Performance Dashboard and grade center last access/login information is Inaccurate
  • 4 of the 5 Course Reports are not functioning (content item/area, forum, group, and overall course usage) - last bottom 4 reports
  • DB layout with the description all showing and inside short area, which makes DB forum name in the middle, scrolling a long time between forums
  • Test Setting Options layout for Test Answer Options tight and Submitted not fully showing
  • System Announcements showing up 2 times inside Global Navigation
  • Inside Course with attaching file from Online Storage, only shows 100 items (when there are 277)
  • Outcomes collection stopped completely after it came across 1 bad student file upload

Version 3100 has been pushed back to Oct 18th (was supposed to be Oct 4th) release for SaaS Staging/Test. It was supposed to be applied to SaaS Production on Oct. 14th and not sure of the date now.

I tweaked a testing plan (QA) for monthly updates. Anyone found any other issues? I will try and post the information about our migration to SaaS and/or comparing MH Q 215 with SaaS Classic and SaaS Ultra. We reviewed all the GUI settings/changes with b2s.