Course Report - User Activity in Forums

Discussion created by km30188 on Oct 6, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2019 by richard.hancuff

What does it all mean? This report really could use some clarification on what is presented!


First there's a pie chart with all of the forums listed and Hits and Percentage in a chart. Is that a percentage of how many times a particular forum is hit vs other forums?

Next there's a pic chart with Messages/Forums. Is that a count of messages posted in the forum by whatever user(s) on which we choose to report?

Now there's a page with the user listed and a column with the forum and total. No idea whether this is access or messages, threads, etc.

Then there is a page that almost makes sense. The chart of dates with hits. It's named Access so I assume that's hits into all forums on the dates queried?

Finally, there is a page with the user name, Guest, total as rows and the dates as columns. There is no heading on this page. Is it how many posts submitted, how many posts started, something else entirely?


Any assistance on this would be greatly appreciated!