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New CU update process

Question asked by mstaffo on Oct 6, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2016 by mstaffo

The new CU update process is not working for us. We are unable to have an extended outage during the academic year. We used to be able to update a CU with only 4-6 hours of down time. That is not possible any longer.  This means that we can only apply a new CU in a short window in December or another short window in May. Even with the information that the Blackboard portion of the outage is likely to be 8 hours instead of 12 we have to be out for an additional business day to check all of the settings on B2s and roles that always get changed with any Blackboard update. We do not like the fact that we can not get security fixes without doing an entire CU update. We do not like being unable to decide which B2s to update, but have to take all of the required B2 updates in the new CU. How will we know which B2 is causing an issue when we spot a problem? We do not like the inability to roll-back a faulty CU to an earlier version. Seeing the current major issue with the CU2/CU5 related to course copy makes us very leery of the reliability of new CUs.


How do other MH clients feel about the new CU update process?