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Any Tableau & Open Db Users?

Question asked by mattlingard on Oct 3, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2019 by james2685

We are just starting to look at reporting from the Blackboard Learn Open Database. My institution has purchased access to it for a separate, wider learning analytics project but I'm keen that we take advantage for our (TEL Team) purposes to better understand current Bb usage. We don't have any SQL skills at present but are able to connect Tableau (Business Intelligence and Analytics | Tableau Software to the Open DB which should give us drag-and-drop query and report creation (I think). However we need to get a better understanding of the Blackboard database objects first.


I'd be really keen to hear from anyone who is using Tableau with the Open Db.


Also, if anyone has any resources providing an into to the Blackboard Open Database that would be great. The Bb Support pages have the very detailed schemas but there doesn't seem to be any less detailed, overview material.