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Good Morning Community,

During the summer we (Ulster) migrated to Managed Hosting (BBMH). In week one, we have suffered a period (2 hours recommended, actual time was 30 mins) of downtime to fix an issue which was producing an error message "The Lucene indexing process encountered exception of the index data_integration_log_b' is locked." The bug appears to be described in more detail in LRNSI-20961. We did not experience this issue internally as we have just switched to SIS data integration from our existing methods when we went to BBMH.


The description we have from support is 'The bb-services log can show multiple Lucene Indexing errors after heavy usage, which require downtime for treatment.'.


Obviously SIS integration involves heavy load at the start of term, but what we are keen to understand is what is the sector wide understanding of 'heavy load'? Do you suffer this issue? How often and under what circumstances? I really do not like the thought of consistent downtime periods at peak times for SIS integrations.


I did find a presentation on the Community where a script was run to remove the Lucene locks as part of the backup process, for an internal installation. Manage Blackboard Backups With Minimal Downtime and Expense however it is not clear if that involves downtime.


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