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LTI template variable

Question asked by speight.mary on Sep 28, 2016

I'm interested in determining if there is a built-in mechanism for passing a parent section's respective child course IDs to an LTI via Template Variables.


Here is the list of template variables that I am aware of: Using "" only passes the parent course IDs and not child course IDs.


My use case is this: I have an LTI that relies on being able to map courses on both the LMS side and the tool provider side. This mapping works well for simple"/uncombined courses since our course_ids are relatively metadata rich (we pass data about course subject, catalog number, section, term, etc). In sections that are combined, we do not provide as much information about the courses in the parent course ID, but preserve that information in the child course ids.


For example, an uncombined course's ID looks like this: EDLE.5600.087-NT752.1168.8W1, which does a good job capturing a lot of necessary data for the LTI provider to parse and map to courses on their end. However, a parent course ID looks like this: COMBINED-NT752.1168.8W1.0030, with child sections looking like EDLE.5600.087-NT752.1168.8W1.


Is there any built-in mechanism to pass along the child IDs?