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Anyway for TA to access only a particular assignment?

Question asked by jo32204 on Sep 27, 2016
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Hey everyone,


I've got a question about access to particular assignments without having access to the Grade Book.  Our institution has a policy that students cannot see fellow students' grades; therefore we've stripped out all the Grade Center privileges from the TA role.  I have an instructor that wants her TA to be able to see specific assignments, for example a draft of a final paper.  At the moment, she's using Turnitin for this scenario as it allows the TA to see the assignment, and even leave some feedback.  However, she has had numerous performance problems with turnitin that are causing her more headaches than it's worth just to allow the TA access. 


Is there any way around our grading limitations that anyone can think of?  The only thing that comes to my mind is the instructor downloads the assignments and emails them to the TA...but I imagine that would be more work than is worth it.