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Does Check Course Links work for you?

Question asked by at38029 on Sep 23, 2016

Control Panel > Packages and Utilities > Check Course Links


Help page at Check Course Links - Blackboard Help


I've not used this tool for a while, and it's not behaving as I think it should.


We're on 2015 Q4 in production and 2016 Q2 on Test, and I'm seeing the same behaviour with both.


I've tried it on several courses and got the message "There are currently no Content Collection items to check".

That message is clearly inaccurate - there are content collection items to check. Does it translate as "no broken links to display"?


On one test course I've deleted some files from the Content Collection, in order to see if the link checker detects them.

In this case I see this

Screen Shot 09-23-16 at 10.45 AM.PNG

Those messages relate to the correct content items, but the locations shown are NOT the files I deleted.


And in any case, what do I do now?


The help page says

  1. On the Broken Links page, select OK to start the tool. This operation may take a few minutes to run. The length of the process depends on the number of links in your course.
  2. After the tool runs, the page displays links that point to deleted files or those with broken paths.
  3. For more information, access an item's menu and select Details.


There doesn't seem to be anything on that broken links page that is clickable, or has a contextual menu.


Looking back at an old guide I wrote in 2011 (so for an early 9.1 Service Pack) I see that it used to look like this

repair links.png

i.e. it was quite a useful tool.


Are others seeing what I'm seeing, or am I doing something wrong?