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Use Term Availability affecting report numbers

Question asked by jo32204 on Sep 22, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2016 by jo32204

Hey everyone,


I'm noticing in both our Pyramid and SSRS reports, if the instructor has selected "Use Term Availability" for their course properties, their course will be counted among the "Course Not Available" numbers.  I noticed it by slicing a report I had built to show "Course Not Available" and "Course Items Added" and I had almost 100 courses that returned a result  Of that set, I noticed some that were available when I looked at them in Learn; and upon checking the properties, saw the "Use Term Availability" checked off.  We tell our users to stay away from using that setting, but obviously you can't stop everyone from using it. 


Anyone else noticing this same issue?  The term is available in Learn.  It's definitely throwing off our numbers.  I also tried experimenting with the Course Status: "Course is Open to Students" field, but that seems to exhibit the same result.