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Students review feedback and answers on tests

Question asked by mcassey on Sep 21, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2016 by mcassey

I have created tests in Blackboard for my students to complete, each with its own deadline, using the Tests, Surveys and Pools function.  I have adjusted the settings so that students who have submitted their answers can view their answers, the correct answers to questions marked incorrect, and feedback for each question, but only AFTER the deadline has passed.  The problem is, the students do not know HOW to see this information.  Can someone please explain to me what students have to do to view their answers to the test questions and the correct answers and feedback after the deadline has passed?  I can view this information by going into the Grade Center and right-clicking on their scores, but how can students view it?


As a follow-up question, I have some students who start a test and perhaps even finish it but fail to submit it before the deadline.  As a result they receive no score for the test, even though they might have answered many questions correctly.  Is there a way to force unsubmitted tests to be submitted once the deadline has passed?


Thanks for your help!