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When will Journal support be added to the Bb Student app?

Question asked by chrisboon on Sep 21, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2019 by chrisboon

We've just launched the Bb Student app; being a bit late to the mobile party we've gone straight for Bb Student instead of using Mobile Learn to avoid any future changes, and whilst we like the app and the way the current features have been implemented, the absence of Journal support seems to be a big gap.  We use the Journal tool at lot, especially for students on work placements, and having mobile access to post on the journal would seem like an ideal use of the app - even more useful than accessing standard course materials.


I've had some discussions about this directly with the Senior Product Manager for Mobile, and have shared our use cases, but I believe journal support hasn't reached the Bb Student roadmap yet. Who else is using journals, and would benefit from their addition to the app?