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Please Fix SCORM in Q2 2016

Question asked by kevinoconnor on Sep 19, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2016 by kevinoconnor


In Q2 2016 SCORM packages created in programs such as Articulate fail to pass scores to the grade centre when student completes an attempt, instead the results get set to 'In Progress' and never get marked as completed.


Behind the Blackboard article #000042627 states that this is not scheduled to be fixed until Q2 2017 at the earliest. I did contact support about this who advised that there is a patch request which is already in status Approved but they could not provide an ETA yet.


The latest BB blog entry, 'Blackboard’s Openness Story - Blackboard Blog' promotes the fact that Learn supports open standards such as SCORM so it is disappointing to have upgraded our BB environment to the latest release and lose functionality that worked in prior versions of Learn.


I'm posting this in the Community to make others aware of this problem as we head into term time and to try to get an update on when this might be fixed.