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Created an assignment, keeps coming up as a "preview"?

Question asked by fisherm on Sep 19, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2016 by tl26749

Hello all,


I am quite new to Blackboard so forgive my novice-ness, but I'm having trouble figuring out whether an assignment I've created is active. I have Blackboard Learn, not Ultra.


So I created the assignment, with typed instructions and attached documents and a rubric and all. It's an individual assignment for all students so I selected "individual" in the submission details section. I checked the box that says "Make this assignment available" and did not place limitations on the availability, then I submitted the assignment and placed it in my assignments folder.


But now, every time I click on the assignment, it comes up as a "preview" and gives me this message: "You are previewing the assignment - your submission will not be saved." It gives me this whether I view it with Edit Mode on or off. I'm worried that this means students will be seeing the same thing I'm seeing and won't be able to submit their assignments, yet I've been fiddling around in Blackboard for hours trying to figure this out and no luck.


I noticed that in the Create Assignment page, underneath the "Make this assignment available" box, there's a message that reads: "This assignment cannot be made available until it is assigned to an individual or group of students." So is that the missing piece? I'm not sure why it wouldn't automatically assign it to all the students (since I haven't created any student groups) and the Blackboard Help pages are no help in terms of establishing the difference (if any) between creating an assignment and assigning it to all students in the class.


Any guidance would be very, very helpful here.



M. Fisher