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Question asked by dc23832 on Sep 19, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2016 by rf25702


We’re having some issues with CRT enrollments.  E.g., scenario with a parent course and two child courses – child A and child B. Student is enrolled into child A and given access to parent course.  Student then moves to child B – thus ‘disabled’ in child A.  Question – are they enrolled or disabled in the parent?


We’ve tried a similar issue – having student 1 & 2 enrolled in both child courses.  The child course listed as proving the enrollment for student 1 to the parent course is child 1.  When we removed (disabled) student 1, they were still enrolled in the parent course!? 


  • Can someone offer experience of this scenario?  Resolution?
  • What triggers the CRT to refresh enrollments?
  • How do enrollments work in a CRT world?
  • What happens if the student moves back to child A?

Can someone point us in the direction of documentation definitively addressing these issues?

Many thanks