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Platform-wide Search : your devs/tools ?

Question asked by yoleneors on Sep 14, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2016 by marina.ilishaev

Hi all,

Following up a chat discussion during today's webinar, it seems a number of people have implemented some tools to go towards platform wide search. I'd be interested to know what did you do and how does it work.

The feature that apparently many would like to see is the ability to search not only in content collection but in items (title, content, attached files) and files (and even better : any course elements) accross courses. Ideally this would search platform wide (not only within a course) among all the ressources a user has access to.

Pinging those who were involved on that topic in the webinar and that I could find on Community

Pete Lonsdale

Björn Schenk 

Wade Weichel

Apparently U. Antwerpen and U. Leuven may have implemented something ? Anyone knowing who to ping, please do so