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How to Customize Breadcrumbs?

Question asked by rd0049918 on Sep 13, 2016
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My team and I are experiencing difficulty in customizing the breadcrumbs area of our client's Bb solution. We attempted to edit the BREADCRUMBS section of theme_specific.css file (under Learn CSS template) by changing the background color, adding a background image and altering padding and margins. Unfortunately, we are still unable to achieve our desired outcome. We would like to have a permanent black colored band in the breadcrumbs area (independent of the top frame and content frame) and we would like the breadcrumbs links to appear over the band (in white/light grey font color).


I have attached two images - one which displays our current breadcrumbs area and one which displays our desired breadcrumbs area.


Would truly appreciate any help to ensure that we are working in the right direction.