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Smart Views Inside GradeCenter

Question asked by ab32333 on Sep 8, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2017 by janwiepke

I have a lot of faculty that like to use the Filter function inside the Grade Center and use a Smart View to see just the students that are in a particular group. The issue we have is when you view at the attempt, you no longer just see the students in the Smart View, if you page to the next student's attempt, it's alphabetical and you are no longer just viewing students in the Smart View, you're viewing the entire roster. Also, if you want to bulk download all the files from an Assignment using the Smart View, the next page shows you all the students, it does not filter out the students in the Smart View.


Does anyone have any work around for this? Can Blackboard somehow maintain the Smart View in the Grade Assignment page (when you view the attempt) and also give an option to bulk download the files from just the students in the Smart View?