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Stripes and Modules

Question asked by cf26721 on Sep 6, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2016 by cf26721

In an effort to resolve our Spring module issue, I'm attempting to migrate the building blocks over to use the Stripes framework instead, as it appears to have all of the capabilities we need for our tools.  I've been able to get the module to load properly, but I'm stuck in terms of getting the module edit button working.  I have the bb-manifest file with <edit>moduleconfig</edit> defined, web.xml has a servlet-mapping for <url-pattern>/moduleconfig</url-pattern>, and a ModuleConfigAction bean with the url binding for “moduleconfig”.  Learn doesn't thow any errors, and just takes me to a blank white page at




It looks like Learn isn't forwarding the request, and just hanging.  If I remove the servlet-mapping, I get an error that the specified resource was not found.  Am I missing an additional mapping somewhere?  Thanks!