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How to see all answer choices when viewing student test attempts?

Question asked by lw36933 on Sep 1, 2016
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We've recently had an instructor realize that a couple years ago when bringing in tests from Respondus that question settings were marked to randomize answer choices. In order to turn that off, you have to go in and edit each question in each test one at a time. Using the Question Settings option to toggle off the randomize answer choices does not work. I've tested it multiple times, and all that checkbox does is turn off whether you see the option to randomize answers. The issue now is that the instructor has given up on fixing those questions one at a time and just wants to make sure student tests are correct when they make appeals; however, when he tries to view their attempts through the grade center, the instructor view of a test attempt only shows the student's answer and the correct answer. He needs to see all of the answer choices. This is a terrible oversight in the instructor view of tests on Blackboard's part. Why shouldn't they automatically see all of the answer choices? What if there's an error? They wouldn't know unless they edited each test.


Does anyone have a workaround besides opening two windows with the test open in one and the grade center open in another or printing off the tests? I've attached two pictures: the bottom one shows the student's view of their test results and the top one shows the instructor's view from the grade center.



Lynn Wahl

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