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Question asked by jy0040053 on Aug 31, 2016

     I'm seeing some discrepancies in the bblearn.attempt and bblearn.group_attempt tables. An instructor brought to my attention that sometimes the first_graded_date precedes the attempt date. I've attached an example showing a couple of cases. The example is from the group_attempt table, but I'm also experiencing this in the attempt table. The assignment is not set up to be automatically graded upon submission. The first_graded_date normally lines up with the date_added....but not in every case.

    If I look at these entries in the Learn UI, I see no instance of the assignment being graded more than once, and nothing with the first_graded_date on it appears in the UI. The first_graded_date doesn't line up with the submission date or any grading instance dates in the UI. By all indications, the first_graded_date is just wrong, but I can't determine what's causing it to be populated.

   Can someone please help me decipher these dates? I've tried to replicate it and cannot. I'm able to replicate an earlier date_added by uploading an assignment, saving it, but not submitting it for awhile. Then when I submit, the attempt_date is later than the date_added. But there's never a first_graded date associated with that.

    I'm attaching an example of the bblearn_group_attempt table, and also a screenshot of how one of these attempts appears in the UI. My example submissions use a rubrics, but I've seen this in non-rubric assignments, as well.

    If anyone can help with this, I'd really appreciate it!


                   Joyce Young