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Why do I keep getting pop-up boxes while grading assignments?

Question asked by jbennett732 on Aug 31, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2017 by jbennett732

Since the beginning of this semester, I keep getting popup boxes when I use the assignment/test grader function on the Full Grade Center. When I grade an attempt, and then click the Save and Next button, I get a popup box that says "Do you want to leave this site? Changes you made may not be saved." and I have Leave and Stay buttons I can click. It appears to be saving the information, but once I click Leave to the get the next assignment, my Course Management links no longer work. I have to click one the Course Menu items, which takes me out of the Grade Center and then I have to click on Full Grade Center in the Course Management to get back. The Exit, and Save and Exit buttons only take me back to the top of the page (no popup) but they make the Course Management links stop working as well. I can move from one attempt to the next (using Save and Next and answering the popup) but there is no way to exit the grading screen without clicking on a Course Menu item. This happens in both Chrome and Firefox, but I'm unable to try it Internet Explorer. How might I be able to fix this?