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Content collection, portfolios, and the non existant quota

Question asked by emunoz on Aug 29, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2016 by sp0076512

Hi there.

We are having a discussion on opening portfolios for students. In the decision making process, I was asked if portfolios can have a quota, o, as an option, if they count against Content's user's quota, seeing a possibility of the system being filled up with junk if users have no limit on the uploads. Surprinsingly, I haven't found the answer anywhere.

Portfolios do not have such an option so that I could assing a quota to each user, and as they persist after deleting a course, they are not in the course files and therefore not limited by course quota.

I made some investigations, by setting myself (my institutional role) a quota of 50 MB in Content, to see if creating a portfolio would decrease the available space. Then I created a porfolio and uploaded to it a 10 MB file. Well, the quota still was the same, so they are not counted in Content either... so... where do they do?

I managed to find where in the filetree the files are stored (/internal/portfolios), but now I feel a little disappointed as there does not seem to be a way to limit the space a user can consume for creating portfolios....

Anyone has this set up in a reasonable way? Why there is not a quota limit? Seems totally reasonable to have one.... Advice? Ideas to keep this under control? What do you do to control portfolio space if there is no quota?

Thanks for any insights