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Help needed configuring Mashup- YouTube Building Block.

Question asked by kd36413 on Aug 28, 2016

We are on managed hosting.  We recently upgraded to Release 9.1.201510.1171621 and updated all building blocks. I was able to configure the new Browse My YouTubes, but apparently I screwed something up when doing so, and now I get this error message when I try to use the YouTube Mashup:

Error: An error was returned by YouTube: There was a service error: 403 : Project 483519645951 has been scheduled for deletion and cannot be used for API calls. Visit to undelete the project.


I went to the listed website, logging in with the Google account I created for this, but there is no project listed as pending deletion.  I tried creating a new project to obtain a new public API key, and save that in the Mashup-YouTube building block, and it seemed to work, but I keep getting this error.


Can anyone help me? What setting to I use on the Google project to obtain a usable key? How to I get around that project deletion error.  I can find absolutely no documentation for the Mashup-YouTube building block, so I have no idea what I'm doing.