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Can someone please help me get started with Ruby/BB LTI

Question asked by jo0051405 on Aug 23, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2016 by jo0051405

I think have just about looked at every demo app out there. Some are LTI 2.0 which I can't use (BB doesn't allow it).


I have already looked at:


GitHub - vitalsource/LTI2-Reference

GitHub - instructure/lti_tool_provider_example: This is a basic and simple LTI Tool Provider that uses the [ims-lti](htt…

GitHub - instructure/lti_example: an example of using LTI and the Outcomes Service in Instructure Canvas

GitHub - instructure/ims-lti: A Ruby library to help implement IMS LTI tool consumers and providers


Can someone give me a tutorial? Or does anyone have a demo ruby app that they can share? My app is RoR btw.


Really desperate here lol. Thanks! (Alberto Ruiz, I heard you are a really nice guy )