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We've had an ongoing issue with a course we have hosted in Blackboard not recording the completion of 10-15% of our users. They complete the course, produce a certificate, but Blackboard isn't showing their status as complete. More details are below. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


User completes course and has a certificate but is not marked as
complete in BlackBoard.


Test Scenario:


- Enter the course and get to any page, in this example we'll say
Page 4

- Let it sit for over 6 hours

- After 6 hours click through the course to completion and get

- Click button that has action of Exit Title/Close Window and get
a Error:  "Fatal Error - communication with the server has been

- Log back in to course - it will ask if you want to go to where
you left off click "ok" and put you back on Page 4. 


So now we have a user that has a certificate and thinks they are
complete but the system does not have them as complete.


This test sccenario is the only way we can consistently reproduce
this issue




Details of the course:




BlackBoard settings:


SCORM Available: Yes

Number of Attempts: Allow single attempt

Track Number of Views: No


Grade SCORM – Grade: Points Possible: 1   Title: SCORM

  SCORM Completion



Grade Timing: When SCORM is completed, display score in Grade



Launch Behavior:


SCO Launch Type: New Window

Player Launch Type: Frameset


Compatibility Settings:

        Finish Causes Immediate

Logout Causes Player Exit

Wrap SCO Window with API

Always Flow to First SCO

Enable Validation of SCORM Interaction Results

Override Objective and Completion Set By Content to True



After speaking with BlackBoard about the issue they did the
following on their end:


  1. 1.         Increasing the
    session timeout to 4 hours (this should drop out if there is inactivity for
    more than 4 hours, but also track where they left off on their last mouse
  2. 2.         Adding a new
    property (custom) to SCORM not allowing it to time out if the user session
    times out


We still get the issue so we then did the following in hope to
keep the connection alive:


In the Scorm package we have set an action that does an LMS-Commit
every 90minutes


We are still getting the issue



We have loaded this course into Scorm Cloud and did the same test
scenario as above and the course completes successfully with no error.


here is the log: