New way of installing CU's

Discussion created by dave.sharples on Aug 19, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2016 by cw31362

So CU2 for Q4 2015 just got released and it seems you now need to run the full installer instead of patches. Is anyone else a bit annoyed by this? It means installs are now much longer so more downtime due to it needing to re-install the whole app. All customisations are wiped out which mean they need re-doing and my biggest concern is that there is no way to rollback a patch and you must do a full restore. If a serious bug in a CU is noticed 3 days after install for example then you can't restore as you will have 3 days worth of content / tests / assignments which you would lose and Blackboard has a less than stellar history of providing CU's which don't break things.


I'm going to raise it with support, but would be interested to know if i'm on my own here.