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Creating a syllabus plugin that links to an outside system

Question asked by amy.irvin on Aug 15, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2016 by kb24553

Hi everyone, I am brand new to Blackboard development, and I have a question about creating a B2.  I am hoping y'all can provide some basic steps to how I should go about achieving my goal - I can do all the research and coding, but I am not sure where to start!  Basically I just need a conceptual overview.


Here is what I'm trying to achieve: our faculty house their syllabi in an external system called Mentis, behind a single sign on.  We want to create a B2 that would allow an instructor to select Syllabus from the content creation menu in a Blackboard course, and somehow the syllabus is directly populated into the content area, or there is a link that when clicked, it reaches out to the external system and then posts the syllabus in the content area.  Basically, we want it to look like the syllabus exists within Blackboard, but it is actually retrieved from the external system.


I suppose the faculty member could just copy and paste the URL from the external system and put it in a Bb content area and then set it to open in frame, but my higher-ups are wanting something that is more seamlessly integrated into Blackboard.  I also wonder about running into an issue with single sign on if it's just a plain link.


Does anyone know of a B2 that does this type of thing already, or can give me a brief overview of how to make something like this happen?  I would appreciate any guidance, like I said I am totally new to this and I can fill in the gaps if I just have some basic steps to work from.  We had an in-house B2 developed at another university I worked at that did this very thing, so I know it's possible, but I just don't know how.  Thanks so much!