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Question asked by dc23832 on Aug 12, 2016
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We have recently introduced Terms to our courses and were wondering if it is possible to set all users' course lists to be grouped by terms?   That is, make all users have their course list set to group by term, with the expanded term de-selected.


Essentially, for all staff & students, especially those about to start in a few weeks time:

1. Login to Blackboard

2. Personalise My Courses - Click the cog in the top right of the module.

3. Group By Term.


We would like all users to have this as a default WITH Expand Term de-selected.


We are hosted and have asked Blackboard but they don't see a way to do this.


However, I'm sure there's a way and hope that this community may come up with a way of doing this - other than logging in as 40,000 students and ticking boxes (yes, I have thought of this!?).


Yours, hopefully,