Using the building block?  It's probably broken.

Discussion created by mdeeprose on Aug 12, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2016 by cm29392

Just wanted to pass on that we found it no longer possible to search for content and post it into a course using the building block.  We contacted LinkedIn who own and they advised that:


"We are currently undergoing an issue affecting our Building Block, and that makes the deployment of it not an option for the time being.


For now the only integration option we recommend until the issue is fixed, is to deep link to courses, videos or playlists by appending ? to any resource URL. Here are a few examples:








Educators can add the deep link URLs to BB courses to redirect students to content while we sort out the Building Block integration issue with Blackboard. Engineering has not provided with a time frame for this, but they mentioned that it would not be fixed before the end of August."


Just wanted to let everyone know, nicer to find out here than via a customer ticket as we did.