Need help with Blackboard and visual limitation students

Discussion created by eyesofthunder on Aug 8, 2016
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I honestly don't know where to begin with this, but if someone can direct me I would appreciate it greatly!


My wife is a grad student at Capella University, and that college uses Blackboard (Learn?).  She has a major visual disability and the school's disability dept can't seem to understand the problem with Blackboard and getting larger text that actually wraps on the screen.


If I change text size with Chrome (or any other browser), the CSS (best I can tell) overrides the text size change and doesn't allow the text size to change.  The instructions say to zoom, but that pushes the text off the screen and the side bar gets so big it covers half the screen.  I have her on a 40in 1080p TV as a monitor just to get the text larger, but she has to rely 100% on the Windows magnifier just to read the text because any zooming of the text to get large enough puts most of it completely off the screen with no word wrap. 


I need the ability to control the side bar to no longer zoom blank space when she zooms in the browser (because that is the only visual accessibility options Blackboard support offers).

I would greatly appreciate support from Blackboard to correct this problem and properly support visual handicapped students or users of Blackboard.  So far I have had to come here for help, there are no support pages that I can find that cover visual handicap limitations.