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Blackboard Archiving / Clean up

Question asked by js0044405 on Aug 8, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2016 by hxnguyen

Hi All,


Good afternoon.  I am a newish Learn administrator, and I would like to develop an archival strategy / policy for my University.  I have outlined the following items that I was hoping I could crowdsource SQL queries to help me determine what exactly may require archiving:


How have you all identified the following items?

  • Empty Courses from Prior quarters
    • Courses created via an automated process, that never get used.
  • Empty Accounts
    • Presently if a student has an account provisioned, then does not come to campus, the account is not removed.
    • Other accounts (roles) that may meet similar criteria, of an account which was provisioned but not utilized, and never removed.
  • Student accounts with 1 course
    • This course was not offered, and the student did not utilize Learn.
  • Courses which have not been accessed in X amount of years.
  • User accounts which have not been accessed in X amount of years.


Are there any items that you have considered when planning your archival strategy?