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Feed File missing required headers issue for initial testing for the SIS Framework

Question asked by tp36301 on Aug 5, 2016
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We are getting into our initial testing in the upcoming weeks for our slow but steady upgrade for Snapshot flat file process to the SIS Framework.


We are starting with testing the connect with our cURL script with one course file to verify it in our test plan.


We are having problems with the very first header and getting the error Feed File missing required headers: [external_course_key].


I have reviewed that the the header should not be case sensitive but we have tried it both as all caps (initial) and lower case to match the field mapping.


The header is like this in the file external_course_key| so I am not sure what might be missing.  Has anyone run into this issue with headers?  It seems to be a simple syntax oriented fix.


Tagging Tim Grady to this as a Bb consulting resource on the SIS Framework as well.




Toni P.



Course [create/update] - Feed File missing required headers: [external_course_key]