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Question asked by at38029 on Aug 4, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2016 by hxnguyen

This standard report available from the SysAdmin tab "Displays the average number of page views and Course page views per month and per day".


Can anyone point me to a definition of Page Views and Course Views?


Does the Page View figure include accessing pages which are not located within courses e.g. My Institution and other tabs?

And within a course, would it count every page within say a Discussion Forum? so a separate hit for - read post, reply to post, read new post etc.?


Similarly, Course page views: if a user goes into a course, back to My Institution tab, back to the same course - is that 2 Course views? Or is it course views per session - so if they go into a course, log out, then log back in and go to the same course is that 2 Course views?


When viewing the monthly stats for Average Page / Course Views presumably that is the average per day.

While presumably when looking at Page Views Per Day the 'Average Page Views' column is not actually showing an average at all, but the actual number of views?


And what, if anything, should we make of the fact that our average Course Views seem to be up about 25% on the previous year, while Page Views are down about 10%?

Are the stats now fairly meaningless as they don't record any of our usage via mobile apps?


Sorry if these are dumb questions. Any clarifications gratefully received.