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Creating Multiple Whiteboards

Question asked by erictowne on Aug 3, 2016
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I am trying to get accustomed to the new Blackboard Collaborate after having used the previous version for the last two years.


My question is about creating multiple whiteboards. If I am working through a long problem with students, we often fill up the space on the whiteboard. In the old version, there was a button to click to create a new whiteboard (without erasing the old one) and there were arrow buttons we could then use to navigate between the various whiteboards.


It appears this is not possible in the new version and this is a big drawback, I think. It seems that the only way to get a new whiteboard is to erase or replace the old one and in both cases, the content on the old whiteboard seems to be gone forever.


Are there any plans to incorporate this very useful feature from the old version of Blackboard Collaborate to the new one? I very much hope so.