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Articulate Learning Objects and Professional aptioning services

Question asked by tp36301 on Aug 3, 2016



We are looking to have Articulate content to be processed for professional captioning services like Cielo 24 or 3Play Media.


Have any of you been through this experience and have any advice for our technologists or designers?  We use Kaltura and since there is no existing workflow to host the Articulate content on Kaltura to be captioned, this complicated the process.


It appears the process it to manually extract the audio file and then send that out to be captioned and then manually reassign it to the slides via Storyline like below.


How to Create Closed Captioning in Articulate Storyline | Storyline | Articulate Support


This seems like a pretty cumbersome process so let me know if that is how you do this or if there is another way around this in your experience?


Let me know what you you find and if you need any clarification.


JoAnna Hunt and Marissa Dimino, is this the best place for this question to be posted?




Toni P.