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Partial Credit for upload of FIB_PLUS questions

Question asked by smanzan on Aug 3, 2016


I created a txt file with many FIB_PLUS questions, upload in BB and all works beautifully. Except that I would like to set the default option to have partial credit for each question. The reason is that there are ten subquestions in each question and if a student gets 3 (out of 10) correct the grade in that question should be 30%. I tried to change the "Question Settings" in the Test canvas but when I choose "Partial Credit" the box is still unticked on each individual question. Is there a way to specify in the txt file the partial credit option? or, once uploaded in BB, change the setting for all (possibly 1000) questions in a few clicks rather than manually setting it for each question. I used to create questions via Respondus and the default was always with partial credit.


Thanks! Sebastiano