accessing SOAP web services on SAAS/Ultra smoke servers

Discussion created by mike.warner on Aug 2, 2016
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I was given 60-days' access to partner-smoke-test-a.blackboard.com and partner-smoke-test-b.blackboard.com. My main concern is whether the web services and LTI would still work as desired, so that's my initial focus. I am unable to connect to these web services hosts via curl in the code that normally does so. This code has been in production use for over a year.


I followed the normal set-up steps:

  1. make all web services available and discoverable (wsdl files open in new tab when clicked as a check)
  2. set the proxy tool registration password
  3. try to register my proxy tool


The error comes when I try to initialize the Context client using context_client->initialize().

The error text: ERROR: Could not connect to host


Have WebServices been blocked in the smoke test instances?