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Conflict Between Test Availability Exception and Adaptive Release Rule

Question asked by cindy.bowers on Aug 1, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2016 by cindy.bowers

Hello, after I submitted a ticket to Behind the Blackboard for an issue, a known issue was at the top of the list of the knowledgebase, #000035898. Essentially, an instructor uses an adaptive release rule where a student has 3 attempts on all quizzes to score at least a 90% before moving to the next quiz. He discovered that by setting test availability exceptions for two students (a one day extension and extra time), the adaptive release rule was no longer working and any student could skip forward to take the next quiz whether he/she got a 90% or not. It sounds like the date conflict is what throws it off. The article said if the test exception is removed, then the adaptive release rule works again as expected.


Does anyone have experience with or knowledge of this?

Thank you.