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bb-manifest.xml - playing nicely

Question asked by malcolm.murray on Jul 29, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2017 by lp0055120

For a long time many building block developers (including those employed by Blackboard) have added a permission entry like this:

<permission type="" name="&amp;lt;&amp;lt;ALL FILES&amp;gt;&amp;gt;" actions="read,write,delete"/>

Now this is the sort of entry that (rightly) is likely to incur the "wrath of Volker" for demanding more permissions than it really needs.


I'd like to know what the correct permission entries are to grant permission to areas such as

the standard logging folder,

the config folder for a b2 (part of me thinks that that is granted automatically but I must admit I haven't tested that)

the folder associated with content items, that old favourite the programmers playground (PPG folder) etc.


I have heard rumours of some variables that define these - e.g.:

<permission type="" name="BB_CONFIG/-" actions="read" />

but it would be nice to see these <optimism>all documented nicely</optimism>