Looking for Captioning workflow feedback - Kaltura and captioning services

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First, thanks to Marissa Dimino and JoAnna Hunt for setting up this community.


We are a Kaltura customer and are currently testing out REACH services with Cielo 24 although we have not officially selected a final vendor.


As many of you probably also have, we have different potential communities (HR or our online campus for example).  Out faculty and staff use Kaltura via Blackboard integration and so not have access to our KMC.


We do not want the entire faculty and staff population to select captions at this time we need to consider managing a campus and/specific sets of courses and organizations access professionally captioned videos with editing capability which could be an issue with the limited LTI roles if wanted to perform this within the Learn integration.  For a staff department like HR, it much easier to streamline for specific trainer access outside of Blackboard but as we all captioning options, it get more complicated.


I mentioned this in the Bb Office Hours briefly and I am curious to get more detailed feedback on how some of you might have this set up and who and how is you authorization setup and where do they go to access the captions and what services are you using.


Let me know if you need more clarification on what I am asking and I look forward to your feedback.




Toni P.