Institutional Hierarchy Tabs & Modules

Discussion created by km30188 on Jul 27, 2016
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I am working through setting up hierarchies for tool, tab, module, course, and user management. While testing, I am finding something a bit strange and want to check my assumptions.


For Modules, I created two modules, assigned them to two different specific child nodes under a main test node, added a user to each of the child nodes. I created a tab for the main test node and added both modules to it, assuming that people from one node would see only that node's module and people in the other node would see the other node's module. When I login as one of the users, let's say Node 1 user, I see the tab with both modules on it.


The modules are set to show to 'Everyone' and have a specific node association. I thought that would be 'Everyone under that node'. Is this a bad assumption on my part?


I know I can control modules with Institution Roles, but that seems to make the tabs and modules in a node irrelevant. I can assign a module admin without a node, a user of a particular institution role without a node, what is the use of the node? What am I missing?