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Error importing course package

Question asked by je0046593 on Jul 27, 2016



I am creating a tool to add some content to the courses automatically. The first step is to export a course as a package  then I modify the xml files and add some resources and then I import it back.

As a simple test I'm changinf the manifest file inside the package,  just adding a content area as an item below the last <item> tag and add the respective <resource> at the end of the file, I'm attaching the before and after files; but I get the following error


The provided package file was either not directly created by the Blackboard import/export tool, or has been altered from its original form. Therefore certain incompatibilities may arise during processing. Check the source of the package file for more information concerning how it was generated.


Am I missing something? do I need to change something else?


Thanks for the help in advance!