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Discussion created by qbrown on Jul 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2016 by cbergeron

To my knowledge, this functionality is not available, but I think it should be.  If the idea has been broached, my apologies for any duplication.


When I am entering feedback for X in Week 5, I usually want to see what I have said in past weeks.  Perhaps I want to remind X of something I said before that he or she may want to review again.  Or maybe I just want to avoid saying the same thing in Week 5 that I said in Week 2. 


As it is, I have to (a) rely on memory, or (b) go trudging through each past week of the Grade Center, seriatim, looking for what I want. 


The idea is this -- a button or feature that permits me to generate a report that includes:

(a) a recital of each assignment to date that the student has completed, and

(b) the feedback that I provided in respect to each respective assignment. 


As I said at the outset, if this functionality already exists in the environment, I have utterly missed it.