Screen reader documentation for Blackboard Learn - What do you need?

Discussion created by joanna.hunt on Jul 25, 2016
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Over the last few months the Blackboard team, in partnership with some native assistive technology users, have been developing some documentation for using Blackboard Learn (Original Experience) with the JAWS screen readers. We've published 3 sets of instructions for key workflows so far, with several more due later this week.

  1. Navigating the Learn original experience with JAWS
  2. Grading in the Learn original experience with JAWS
  3. Creating a test in the Learn original experience with JAWS


We will soon have documentation available for submitting assignments and tests and participating in discussions with JAWS.


What other documentation would you like us to focus on? Are there specific workflows or assistive technology instructions that would be helpful for your teachers and students with disabilities?