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Collaborate Ultra b2 recordings

Question asked by am27446 on Jul 25, 2016

Anneke Bates Carl Marrelli

I have an instructor that wishes to allow students that are in small groups to be able to record their own sessions without her interaction. She would later view the recording to grade them.   Currently, it seems that the only way for her to do this would be to create a session with guest access and guest role = moderator, and then give one (or more) member(s) of the group that would be the moderator(s) the guest link and instruct them to access as a guest instead of accessing the session through the tool itself as a student (participant).  The rest of the group would access the session through the tool as a student (participant).  This is because students cannot be assigned the moderator role, only guests can.

My question is, are there plans to allow students to be able to join a session as a moderator through the tool itself?  Or in other words, are there plans to allow instructors to assign the moderator role to students and not just guests?