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Can you create a set of questions to be shown as a block with one weblink and several questions to ask about that weblink?

Question asked by ll0055066 on Jul 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2016 by yoleneors

I have a quandary. I have a faculty member who has listening examples on his exams for a music class.  The idea is one song with multiple questions to be asked about that piece. Kind of like on the GRE when comprehension questions are presented after a passage.  Is this possible to do in Blackboard?

Additional information: The instructor has 28 listening examples with 4  to 5 questions for each of the songs.  He would like to build a pool of all the listening examples and use a random block to select 14 of the 28 example sets to ask the students as part of a midterm exam. 

Any assistance would be appreciated.  Thanks!


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Bb Learn 9.1 SP 14 April Release CU 3