Manually created course links in content items and course copy

Discussion created by hanleybrand on Jul 21, 2016
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I got an interesting question from the Instructional Designers at one of our colleges - they designed a nice course template for a department that had a website-esque structure with a number of Content Areas that contain normal Content Items that contain text composed in the Content Editor. One of the niceties of the template is that it has a fair number of self-referential links, i.e. in the Syllabus area there might be a link to the Course Information area in the text, the url of which is [url/path]/listContentEditable.jsp?content_id=_[course_items_pk1]_1&course_id=_[course_main_pk1]_1.


So, I'm sure many reading this have already realized that when the template is course copied from course_main.pk1=3001 to course_main.pk1=4643 all of the links are still to the template. Yay.


So short of going in and manually editing all of the links, I was wondering if anyone had already created a tool, determined a best practice, etc. for course relative links that can be in the HTML of a content item and that will be converted successfully when the course is copied.


Some of the suggestions that have come up locally are:


  • a Course Link mashup tool for the Content Editor, or similar tool that would resolve the link dynamically
  • a custom template variable that would translate the title of a navigation menu item to a url - but you can't give a template variable an argument (can you?) so they'd be ugly, e.g. @X@course.menu.1@X@ would be the top menu item, @X@course.menu.2@X@ would be the second, etc.
  • using JSHacks with a custom javascript that would remap the links on a course by course basis


Has anyone else already solved this problem?